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Commons Media Browser

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This application allows you to browse the Featured Images of the MediaWiki Commons (the service used by Wikipedia, among others, to store images that are available to the public for re-use and modification). The app allows for download, browsing and wallpaper setting using these high-quality images that range from NASA deep-space images to animal photography to historical archives.

If you are viewing this from an android device, you can install Commons Media Browser now!

Using the App

Young leopard charging. Photo taken at Rhino and Lion Park, Gauteng, South Africa by Leo za1
The Commons Media Browser app initially brings up a list of categories including animals, objects, nature, and so on. Select a category and you will see a section page. There are four things you can do on a section page:
  • Slide the gallery of images at the top to the left or right to search through all of the images
  • Select one of the small images at the top to display a larger version below
  • Long-press on the larger image to display a menu of actions such as View as Web page, Share and Set wallpaper.
  • Scroll the list of subsections at the bottom and select one.
If you select a subsection, you go to a subsection page which will show you every image in that subsection in the same way as the section page. You can interact with a subsection in exactly the same ways.

That's it. The power of the app isn't in its complexity, it's in the hundreds of amazing images that appear on the Commons. Go check them out today!

The image above is available from the Commons and is by Leo Za1.